Thomas O'Malley is a character in The Aristocats.

Thomas O'Malley

  He is a male street cat. He is the mate of Duchess and the stepfather of Toulouse, Marie and Berlioz.


The Aristocat King, The Aristocat King 2: Thomas O'Malley's Pride, The Aristocat King 1½, The Aristocat Guard: Return of the Roar, The Aristocat King's Jake & Pig and The Aristocat Guard - Simba

He is a lion

Avatar: The Last Airbending Animal- Tyro

He is an earthbender

Prince Of Hollywood- King Sharaman

He is a king

Animation Star Wars Episode II- Llama Su

He is an alien leader

The Land Before Time (PrinceBalto Style)- Littlefoot's Grandfather

He is a dinosaur

The Cat King - Mufasa

He is a lion