Dakota Dude

Dakota in action.

The Dakota Dude, often simply called Dakota, is a main character from the early 90's cartoon Wild West: The Cowboys Of Moo Mesa. He is a blue anthropomorphic bull with immense strength. He is Marshal Moo Montana's deputy.


Dakota was a main character in Wild West: The Cowboys Of Moo Mesa. He was the strongest member of the team and Moo Montana's right hand man. He was strong enough to lift boulders over his head. He didn't talk much.


Master Storming Ox in Kung Fu Cat 2

He is a kung fu master

Coleman Trebor in Animation Star Wars

He is a Jedi

The Beast in Beauty & The Bull

He is a beast


In Wild West: The Cowcats Of Meow Mesa, Dakota is played by Vitaly

In Wild West: The Cowboys Of Moo Mesa (PrinceBalto Human Style), Dakota is played by Hercules