Steele is a character in Balto.
Steele 1
He is a villainous, arrogant sled dog that is enemies with Balto.


Below is a list of the roles that Steele has played in PrinceBalto spoofs:

Krypto- King Saul

He is a king

The Mobius Book- Shere Khan

He is an evil tiger

Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi (PrinceBalto Style)- Exar Kun

He is a Sith lord

The Wolf-Dog King- Scar

He is an evil lion

Baltladdin- Jafar

He is an Arabian sorcerer

Baltcules- Hades

He is the Greek god of the underworld

Beauty & The Echidna- Gaston

He is a sexist jerk

Humphrey Pan- Captain Hook

He is a pirate

The Wolf Of Notre Dame- Judge Claude Frollo

He is an evil judge

Balto Hood- Prince John

He is a lion

The Legend Of Kate- Unalaq

He is an evil waterbender

How The Wolf Stole Christmas- Mayor Agustus May Who

He is a who

The Animals Of Animation Wood- Scarface

He is a blue fox

The Prince Of Nome- Hotep

He is an ancient Egyptian priest/magician

Home On The Tundra- Junior the Buffalo

He is a buffalo


  • In Simbalto, Steele is portrayed by Shere Khan from The Jungle Book.