Hot Saluki 2

Rita is a beautiful female Saluki dog who first appeared in the 1980's Disney film Oliver & Company. She is one of PrinceBalto's favorite female animal characters.


Rita first appeared in Disney's Oliver & Company. She is the sole female among Fagin's canine gang. At one point, Roscoe hits on her. She rejects him. She has an amazing singing voice.


Lassie in Rita (Lassie)

She is a collie

Sasha La Fleur in All Dogs Go To Heaven 2 (PrinceBalto Style)

She is a beautiful Irish setter

Maya in At Jesus' Side (PrinceBalto Style)

She is a beautiful Sa'luki

Jasmine in Thunderboltladdin

She is a gorgeous Arabian princess

Megara in Thunderboltcules

She is an ancient Greek beauty

Esmeralda in The Hound Of Notre Dame

She is a beautiful gypsy

Jane Porter in Thunderboltzan

She is a beautiful British woman

The Blue Fairy in Squeakynocchio

She is a fairy

April O'Neill in Teenage Mutant Ninja Animals

She is a reporter

Belle in Beauty & The Bull

She is a princess

The Wachiti Princess in Charlie Barkin: When Nature Calls

She is an African princess

Fuli in The Wolf Guard

She is a cheetah


Role In PrinceBalto's Crossover

Rita is also a main character in PrinceBalto's fanfiction crossover. Rather than pair her with Dodger, as is common in the fandom, PrinceBalto has shipped her with his character Solomon, a large, handsome German Shepherd. The two are very much in love and very devoted to each other. The couple has many pups, including Maya, Bolt, Chase, Tara, Malina, Hayden and others. Her parents are named Ramses and Nefertari.

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