PrinceBalto's TV spoof of Krypto The Superdog. 


  • Po (Kung Fu Panda) as Krypto The Superdog
  • RJ (Over The Hedge) as Streaky The Supercat
  • Tigress (Kung Fu Panda) as Brainy Barker
  • Babs Bunny (Tiny Toon Adventures) as Mammoth Mutt
  • Humphrey (Alpha & Omega) as Tusky Husky
  • Knuckles (Sonic The Hedgehog) as Hot Dog
  • The Cowlorado Kid (Wild West: The Cowboys Of Moo Mesa) as Tail Terrier
  • Donkey Kong (Donkey Kong Country) as Bulldog
  • Kenai (Brother Bear) as Paw Pooch
  • Mufasa (The Lion King) as Ace The Bathound
  • Monkey (Kung Fu Panda) as Stretch-O-Mutt
  • Minerva Mink (Animaniacs) as Princess
  • Tails (Sonic The Hedgehog) as Robbie The Robin
  • Hammy (Over The Hedge) as Squeaky
  • Muru (Balto 2: Wolf Quest) as Jimmy The Rat
  • Aang (Avatar: The Last Airbender) as Kevin
  • Anakin Skywalker (Star Wars: The Clone Wars) as Kevin's Dad
  • Padme Amidala (Star Wars: The Clone Wars) as Kevin's Mom
  • Baby Melody (The Little Mermaid 2) as Melanie
  • Katara (Avatar: The Last Airbender) as Andrea
  • Li Shang (Mulan) as Superman
  • Valka (How To Train Your Dragon 2) as Andrea's Mom
  • Tai Lung (Kung Fu Panda) as Mechanikat
  • Cub Shere Khan (Jungle Cubs) as Snooky Wookums
  • Adult Vitani (The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride) as Delilah
  • Su (Kung Fu Panda: Legends Of Awesomeness) as Isis
  • Klump & Krusha (Donkey Kong Country) as Bud & Lou
  • Fung (Kung Fu Panda: Legends Of Awesomeness) as Ignatius

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