PrinceBalto's spoof of

Vixey as Queen Esther

One Night With The King.


  • Rita (Go Hugo Go) as Young Esther
  • Vixey (The Fox & The Hound) as Adult Esther
  • Tod (The Fox & The Hound) as King Xerxes
  • Fox (The Animals Of Farthing Wood) as Mordecai

    Tod as King Xerxes

  • Winston (Alpha & Omega) as Memucan
  • Baloo (The Jungle Book) as Hegai
  • Garth (Alpha & Omega) as Jesse
  • Scarface (The Animals Of Farthing Wood) as Admatha
  • Tai Lung (Kung Fu Panda) as Haman
  • Su Wu (Kung Fu Panda: Secrets Of The Masters) as Haman's Wife
  • Sasha La Fleur (All Dogs Go To Heaven) as Queen Vashti
  • Robin Hood & Maid Marian (Robin Hood) as Esther's Parents
  • Annabelle (All Dogs Go To Heaven) as Rebecca
  • Aleu (Balto 2) as Hannah
  • Lilly (Alpha & Omega) as Sarah
  • Carface & Killer (All Dogs Go To Heaven) as The Would-Be Assassins
  • Cranky Kong (Donkey Kong Country) as The Jewish Apothecary Owner
  • Georgette (Oliver & Company) as Misgath of Persepolis
  • Rhino Guards (Kung Fu Panda) as Xerxes' Guards
  • Mufasa (The Lion King) as The Prophet Samuel
  • Shere Khan (The Jungle Book) as King Saul
  • Red (All Dogs Go To Heaven) as King Agag
  • Mirage (Aladdin TV Series) as Agag's Queen