Nala is the gorgeous female lead of The Lion King.
Nala 7

Nala's Famous "Look"

About Her

Nala first appeared in The Lion King. She is, as a cub, Simba's best friend. Later, as a beautiful adult, she becomes Simba's mate. They have a daughter, Kiara. She is very skilled at hunting and fighting. She has pale tan fur and blue-green eyes.


As Jenna in Simbalto

She is a gorgeous Siberian husky

As Callie Briggs in SWAT Animals: The Radical Squadron

She is a beautiful feline

As Katara in Avatar: The Last Airbending Animal

She is a waterbender

As Sailor Neptune in Sailor Kate

She is a sailor scout

As Dixie in The Panther & The Tiger II

She is a beautiful, red-haired canine country singer

As Mulan in Nala (Mulan)

She is a beautiful Chinese warrior

As Storm in X-Animals

She can control the weather

As Annabelle in All Prehistoric Animals Go To Heaven

She is a whippet angel

As Miss Lilly in Wild West: The Cowcats Of Meow Mesa

She is a heifer

As Mrs. Brisby in Nala & The Secret Of NIMH

She is a mouse


  • In The Wolf-Dog King, Nala as a cub is played by young Brainy Barker, while adult Nala is played by Jenna.
  • In The Angel Dog King, Nala as a cub is played by Angel, while adult Nala is played by Sasha La Fleur.

In The Anthro Chronicles

Here, Nala is depicted as a gorgeous young adult anthro girl and the older sister of Vitani. She is dating an anthro version of Rajah.