Kovu is a character in The Lion King 2.
Kovu the handsome
He is Kiara's mate and Simba and Nala's son-in-law.


Below is a list of roles that Kovu has played in PrinceBalto's spoofs, separated by age:


Animation Star Wars Episode I- Young Anakin Skywalker

He is a future Jedi

Wild West: The Cowcats Of Meow Mesa- Cody Calf

He is a bull calf


Animation Star Wars Episodes II-VI & The Clone Wars- Adult Anakin Skywalker

He is a Jedi

Alpha & Omega (PrinceBalto Style)- Garth

He is a wolf

Mystery Animals- Squeegee Man

He is a wannabe superhero

How The Wolf Stole Christmas (2000)- Whobris

He is a who

Kovuto- Balto

He is the heroic sled dog

Avatar: The Last Airbending Animal- Young Firelord Sozin

He is a Fire prince