Dixie 8

Dixie the country beauty

Dixie is a female character from The Fox and the Hound II. She is a gorgeous southern-accented, red-haired canine country girl, a Golden retriever to be exact. She was voiced by country singer Reba McEntire.

About Her

Dixie originated in Disney's 2006 midquel film The Fox and the Hound II. She is a beautiful Golden retriever. She is Cash's girlfriend in the film.


How The Wolf Stole Christmas (2000)- Adult Martha May Whovier

She is a who

Beauty & The Echidna- Belle

She is a princess

Mystery Animals- The Bowler

She is a superhero

Snow Dogs (PrinceBalto Style)- Nana

She is a Border collie

Superwolf: The Movie- Lois Lane

She is a reporter

My Little Alpha: Friendship Is Magic- Applejack

She is a pony


In PrinceBalto's spoof The Wolf-Dog & The Hedgehog II, Dixie is played by Tigress from Kung Fu Panda.

Romance With Krypto And Brainy Barker's Son

In PrinceBalto's AU crossover of Krypto and Fox and the Hound II, Dixie breaks up with Cash following the events of the film, though they bury the hatchet. Later, at the annual Metropolis Stock Show & Rodeo, Draco, son of Krypto and Brainy Barker, meets Dixie and they have a dinner date that evening, leading to them falling in love.

PrinceBalto's Fanfiction Info

  • Husband- Draco
  • Sons- Cody & Dakota
  • Daughters- Reba & Phoebe
  • Father-in-Law- Krypto
  • Mother-in-Law- Brainy Barker
  • Sister-in-Law- Mammoth Mutt

In PrinceBalto's interpretation of Zootopia

In this Disney crossover, she is romantically involved with Bolt. Both are anthro. Dixie is a country singer here.