Brainy Barker22

Brainy Barker is a character from Krypto The Superdog. She is a gorgeous Afghan Hound and Krypto's girlfriend.


Brainy Barker originated in Krypto The Superdog. She first appeared in the episode Meet The Dog Stars.

About Her

She is the leader of the Dog Star Patrol and has a crush on Krypto.


Kate in Colu & Krypton

She is a wolf

Lady in Brainy & The Krypto and its sequel

She is a wealthy family's pet

Sawyer in Superdogs Don't Dance

She is a cat

Anastasia in Brainystasia

She is a Russian princess

Attina in The Little Mer-Husky

She is a mermaid

(Puppy form) Young Nala in The Wolf-Dog King

She is a lion cub

Avatar Kyoshi in Avatar: The Last Airbending Animal

She is an avatar from the Earth Kingdom

Annabelle in All Wolves Go To Heaven & All Wolves Go To Heaven 2

She is a Whippet angel


PrinceBalto's Fanfiction Info

  • Husband- Krypto
  • Son- Draco
  • Adoptive Daughter- Mammoth Mutt
  • Daughter-in-Law- Dixie
  • Grandsons- Cody & Dakota
  • Granddaughters- Reba & Phoebe
  • Mother-in-Law- Annabelle
  • Father-in-law- Kanto (Deceased)